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Village Tours in Nepal

Village tourism has been recently introduced in Nepal. Nepal is a predominantly rural society, and its rich culture and ethnic diversity are best experienced in its villages. A growing number of programmes enable visitors to stay overnight in private homes in traditional villages far from the tourist trails.

Nepal where major chunk of area is occupied by villages has tremendous potential in rural tourism. Its main aim is to link Village Development and Sustainable Tourism through the generation of income, employment and local markets for agricultural products and handicrafts. Other objectives include the provision of incentives for forestation and nature conservation and the creation of a global family through the encounter between rural Nepalese people and foreign tourists during village home stays, resulting in mutual understanding and learning.

The main target group of the program is women who will be the main beneficiaries due to new income opportunities. It is a rural enterprise owned and operated by the local people. It is a group activity, and benefits are shared among as many villages and individuals as possible. "Village Tours", visits to indigenous people are the activities, which will make tourists, experience rural life and Nepalese hospitality off the beaten path with all the beautiful scenery and cultural diversity of Nepal.


Village Tours in Nepal

Chepang Village Tour

Duration: 11 Days | Activities: Tours | Grade: Easy

Cultural experiences of Chepang and other ethnic groups, bird watching, home-stay and other natural attractions make this trail a must to visit. Nepal's Terai possesses a beauty that is totally unexpected in a country known mainly for soaring snow-covered mountains.

Sirubari village Tour

Duration:10 Days | Activities: Tour | Grade: Easy

Sirubari village is a totally unspoiled Gurung settlement in the hills at 1700 meters above sea level and short drive / walk (soft adventure) from Pokhara. The climate is ideal at any time during the September to June season with warm days and cool nights. This program is especially

Ghalegaun Village Tour

Duration: 07 Days | Activities: Tour | Grade: Easy

Ghale Gaun is outstanding tourist destination in Annapurna region. It is situated on to the Annapurna Route. This trekking is popularity for short period of being wonderful Gurung Culture, natural scenery, and enthusiastic of Local peoples to develop as tourist destination. It is situated an elevation

Balthali village Tour

Duration: 07 Days | Activities: Tour | Grade: Easy

Balthali Village tour is one of the best tourist destinations for those who are relatively looking for easy, short and family trekking with children. This village is situated just beyond to Panauti about 40 km away from Kathmandu . It offers a sun rise in the east, speculating Himalayan range

Ghandruk Village Tour

Duration: 07 Days | Activities: Tour | Grade: Easy

This is a short and easy Village tour, providing an insight to the lifestyles of Gurung ethnic community of Nepal as well as great views of Himalayas that includes Macchapuchre (Fishtail) and Annapurna South. We walk through the river valleys, rhododendron and orchid bushes,

Bandipur Village Tour

Duration: 05 Days | Activities: Tour | Grade: Easy

Bandipur, a charming hill town lies approximately midway between Kathmandu and Pokhara situated eight kilometers about Dumre Bazaar at an altitude of 1,005 meters. This ancient trading post lies cradled in the saddle of some of the country is most peculiar-shaped hills.






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